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Scramble an egg inside its shell with Orbi, and make a golden egg

Orbi Kitchen Gadget For Perfect Golden Egg
There’s nothing inherently greedy about these golden eggs, though once you’ve tried one, you may want to keep them all to yourself.

What is a golden egg, you ask? It’s a marvel of a modern culinary technique that allows you to — get ready for it — scramble an egg within its shell. Sound like an experience available only at a Michelin-starred restaurant? It’s not, thanks to the Orbi, a new Kickstarter project that will help you turn your kitchen into the hippest place in town.

Described as a “hands-free kitchen gadget for making perfect golden eggs,” the Orbi promises to “smoothly scramble the contents of an egg in the shell.” The best part, though, might be in the timing. Apparently, you can get scrambled eggs in the shell in just 20 seconds.

The Orbi works its magic by quickly rotating an egg back and forth, mixing the egg white and yolk within the eggshell without ever introducing it to the elements outside its environment. This, Orbi claims, keeps the flavor profile fresh, and also eliminates any cleanup (which is all the better for rushed mornings or busy brunches).

And speaking of brunch, you’ll certainly be the host(ess) with the most(ess) with recipes including golden eggs. You can boil them, stuff them, fry them, stick them in an egg salad, or create something new altogether.

As of press time, 128 backers had already pledged more than $7,000 to bring the Orbi to market, helping the team surpass its original goal of $5,000. And if you’re interested in pre-ordering the only kitchen appliance that will help you make a golden egg, you can do so via Kickstarter for $49. Your newest kitchen gizmo is slated to arrive in April. Looks like you better plan on hosting Easter brunch.

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