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Orbii home security system uses a robotic device to monitor your home

Sometimes, less is more. Installing a home security system doesn’t have to mean placing multiple devices in rooms throughout your home. As DIY systems evolve, there is no reason why your home security system should stay in one place. The game is changing, and that means we now have home security devices that can cruise around our homes, like Orbii, a mobile-controlled robotic device.

Shaped like a ball, Orbii rolls from room to room, allowing you to check up on any developments, whether that be the mischief your pet is getting into or graver security concerns. The robotic device contains an HD camera, microphone, and speaker, enabling it to alert you to any issues as it investigates its surroundings. You can also control Orbii manually and direct it to specific locations.

Orbii connects to your Wi-Fi network and can both stream and store video footage. The device has onboard memory, and footage can also be stored to a secure cloud server. The HD camera, which works even in low-light situations, captures 90-degree views, while the device itself has a 360-degree range of motion.

Orbii: A Robotic Mobile Sphere with HD video

Orbii maps out the layout of your home over time so that it can freely and efficiently patrol the space. With its mobility, the device is intended to be more affordable than other systems, saving consumers from having to buy multiple monitoring devices. At this point, however, the company still sees Orbii as serving as a security supplement.

Made from high-density polycarbonate, Orbii is wear-resistant and durable, which is good considering that pets may be tempted to gnaw on it. The device is also resistant to small shocks and can even be used outdoors. Indoor use, however, is currently recommended.

Thanks to a new Indiegogo campaign, Orbii is now available at an early bird price of $139.

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