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These compact, origami-like kitchen utensils free up a lot of space

Whether your kitchen space is tight or you just fancy the idea of compact and easy-to-carry utensils for your outdoor parties, the innovative “Ori-Kit” may be the answer.

The Ori-Kit comprises three spoons offering six sizes, a turner, a funnel, and a colander, and arrives with each item pressed flat.

What? Pressed flat? What’s that all about? Well, as the product’s name subtly suggests, each of these stylish-looking implements requires a simple fold before you start using it. The idea is that they allow you to discard the bulkier equivalents in your kitchen to free up space, while they can also work as a lightweight option for taking to barbecues and other events away from home.

Speaking of barbecues, you can use the Ori-Kit’s turner to flip a burger or turn a sausage thanks to its ability to handle temperatures of up to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C). It also doubles as a server.

The funnel will come in handy for transferring liquids or fine-grain substances into jars or bottles, while the colander can separate bits from different liquids and even act as a sieve.

Made from Teflon and silicone, the kitchen utensils are thin, strong and durable, and because they can be pressed flat, are simple to clean. They’re also dishwasher-safe so you can throw them in without a worry. And once they’re dry, you just flatten them down and store them as you would any other utensil, only these take up a fraction of the space.

The Ori-Kit is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter and aims to deliver in September, 2017. Early-bird offers include a full Ori-Kit for $27, marking a 36-percent savings on the expected retail price of $42. Head over to the firm’s project page for more information.

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