Over Half U.S. Teens Create Online Content

A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Teen Content Creators and Consumers, finds that some 57 percent of online U.S. teens create content for the Internet, whether by making their own blogs and Web pages, sharing original content such as artwork, photos, stories, or video, or by remixing and repurposing existing online content into a new creation.

Among teens who create Internet content, roughly one third (33 percent) share their own self-authored creations online, and nearly as many (32 percent) report they’ve created or worked on blogs or Web pages for others, including friends, schools, and groups to which they belong. A little more than one in five (22 percent) report keeping their own personal Web page; slightly fewer (19 percent) have created online journals or blogs, while 38 percent report reading blogs. Nineteen percent of teens also report repurposing or remixing content they find online into their own artistic creations.

In comparison, an earlier study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project earlier this year found just seven percent of adult U.S. Internet users keep a blog, and only 27 percent read blogs.

Among U.S. teens, blogging tends to be spearheaded by older girls: 25 percent of online girls aged 15

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