Panasonic NC-ZK1: the coolest kettle on the block just so happens to look like a block

panasonic nc zk1 coolest kettle block just happens look like

There’s just something so fresh and clean about stainless steel appliances. The look doesn’t work for every kitchen, but if you’re rocking the modern industrial aesthetic in yours, this snazzy electric kettle from Panasonic would feel right at home on your countertop.

Designed by an electronics manufacturer known for high-end video cameras and plasma displays, it should come as no surprise that the NC-ZK1 is a pretty high tech kettle. In addition to all of it’s clean lines and abrupt angles, the kettle boasts a bunch of great features, including an ingenious 360-degree rotating induction-heated base unit that efficiently transmits heat regardless of its orientation, and a removable tea filter that lets you brew directly inside the kettle. It’s also got an auto shutoff function, LED indicator lights, and a washable lime scale filter. And of course, the interior is completely coated in stainless steel, so your water will always taste great.

At $180, the NC-ZK1 might not be everybody’s cup of tea (especially if that one you got from Goodwill back in college is still working), but if you’re looking to class up your kitchen, Panasonic’s Breakfast Collection is definitely a good place to start. Get more details on specs and pricing here.