Prepare food consistently with the Paragon Induction Cooking System on Indiegogo

We’re a species that values consistency and there is no place where such a trait is valued more than the kitchen. After all, who wants a piece of steak that is cooked rare, medium, and well done within two square inches? Or a batch of pancakes that are alternately underdone and burnt? Doing your stomach a favor is the Paragon Induction Cooking System, the newest innovation from FirstBuild. It’s a new smart cooking system that helps you precisely control your pan temperature and automatically adjust burner output so your delicious creations can be recreated time and time again.

“Precision cooking is the most significant innovation in home cooking since oven temperature control,” said Larry Portaro, Director of FirstBuild. “The original Paragon was the first induction cooktop designed for sous-vide cooking, earning its place in the hearts of foodies and dinner party hosts. The Paragon Mat dramatically expands Paragon’s utility by controlling pan temperature, making Paragon the new cooktop of choice for everyday chefs.”

The Paragon Induction Cooking System allows you to set a cooking temperature as you would for your oven, only for your burner. That means you don’t have to worry about positioning your pan or your pot just so to catch the heat — rather, everything will be evenly heated, all the time. The system is comprised of the Paragon Induction Cooktop, which receives temperature feedback from a slew of Bluetooth-connected temperature sensors; the Paragon Mat, which directly monitors and controls cookware temperature; the Paragon Probe, to help you control liquid temperatures; and the FirstBuild App, which gives you “precision cooking profiles” for a variety of foods.

Currently available for pre-order via Indiegogo, the smart cooking system has already raised nearly $40,000 from more than 200 backers with a month left in its campaign. If you move quickly, you can get the opening day price of $199 before it climbs to $249 for the early bird special. It is expected to ship in July.