Pictogram movie posters reinterpret your favorites with graphic art

pictogram movie posters reinterpret your favorites with graphic art

It’s one thing to have cheesy movie posters hanging on your walls in your teenage years, maybe even college, but your 1982 Blade Runner poster doesn’t exactly belong in your grown-up house or apartment. It’s a sad reality, we know, but grown-up living spaces deserve appropriate wall art and your typical movie poster just isn’t going to cut it. Lucky for you, designer Viktor Hertz has reinterpreted some favorites with clean black and white pictogram designs with clever visuals of the movie plots. We particularly like the Psycho version above, but the Jaws poster isn’t a bad choice either. The Pictogram Movie Posters ($24+) are available in three sizes and will be welcome additions to any film lover’s bare walls. Prints available range from classics like Rosemary’s Baby and Taxi Driver to newer films like Up In The Air and There Will Be Blood. A trio of three would make a nice art series that says two things. One: You are not a teenager anymore. Two: you like quality movies. Hang one or a few of these up and they will act as conversation starters at your next party instead of making your swanky apartment look like a 14-year-old’s nerd den.