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Snowed in after Winter Storm Jonas? Plowz is like Uber for driveway snow removal

Did Winter Storm Jonas just dump three feet of snow on your driveway, but you don’t feel like spending an entire day manually shoveling it all off? Not to worry:  Just like everything else these days, there’s an app for that. It’s called Plowz, and it’s basically like Uber for driveway snow removal.

Here’s how it works: Just like other on-demand services, you start by downloading the app onto your Android or iOS mobile device. There’s even a desktop interface now, so you can do it from your computer while you wait for your kitten videos to load.

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Upon launch, you’ll be prompted to enter in basic information like your name and address, as well as some more specific stuff, like how big your driveway is and what it’s made of. When that’s all done, you simply choose the date and time you’d like your driveway to be cleared, and the app sends you a quote. If you like the price, Plowz takes it from there.  

Once it has your info, the company reaches out to its network of insured providers to find a professional to clear your driveway. This person then drives over to your house and completes the job. Dispatch times vary depending on where you live, but Plowz guarantees that no matter how big the job, it will be done by the end of the day on the requested date. In many cases, the job can be done within just a few hours from the time you schedule an appointment.

Prices vary from driveway to driveway, but according to the company’s founders, the average price is generally around $35. When the job is finished, Plowz charges your credit card for the quoted price (you enter in credit card info during the signup process) and sends you a picture of your freshly cleared driveway.

And the best part? The service has been growing at a feverish pace since it launched back in 2013, and now services a large number of East Coast locations — including many places that just got blasted by Winter Storm Jonas. Head over to the company’s website and scroll to the bottom of the homepage to find out if your neighborhood is covered, or just download the app and enter in your zip code.

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