Just add plywood: These simple brackets let anyone build their own furniture

Ever had an idea for a cool piece of furniture, but didn’t have the tools or construction skills to bring the idea to life? Not to worry — with a few of these clever little steel brackets, you can make just about anything imaginable using little more than a few pieces of plywood and a hex key.

The system is called PLY90, presumably because it’s designed to be used with plywood, and links pieces together at 90-degree angles. Each bracket consists of two pieces of  high-strength CNC-milled aluminum alloy that clamp together with a single screw. This makes it possible to fasten pieces of sheet material together without any drilling or gluing.

The beauty of this ridiculously simple design is that, since it’s really just a system of clamps, the things you create can be deconstructed just as easily as they were put together. This makes it a breeze to reconfigure old projects and transform them into new ones, or break down your furniture for easy transport when moving to a new place.

Technically speaking, these clever little fasteners aren’t anything new. They actually popped up on Kickstarter back in 2012, but the project never managed to meet its goal and gather up the necessary funds for the initial production run. As a result, the brackets dropped off the map for a while. But now that creator Micah Black has had a while to get his feet underneath him and track down a manufacturer, he’s back in the game. You can now purchase PLY90 brackets online through the company’s website.

And the best part? The fasteners are actually cheaper now than they were back when they launched on Kickstarter two years ago. You can pick up a pack of four for 30 bucks — a full $15 less than the crowdfunding price. Find out more here.