Pop-up bedside table lets you have breakfast in bed any day

La Vela Pop-up Bedside Table

Hey you lazy contemporarists. Are you the kind of person who appreciates minimal, modern designs, laziness, and indulgence? There’s a product made just for you that combines all three qualities! Introducing the La Vela end table with an extendable pop-up surface. Now, you can have breakfast in bed without retreating to a vacation as long as you have someone who will bring you the meals on a daily basis. Do you have it all?

All jokes aside, this timeless bedside table can be useful for more than just eating while slumming it in bed. You can use your laptop on the table so you don’t have to worry about burning your thighs or buying a separate cushion. Reading is also less strenuous by placing your elbows on the table while you hold up your book or e-reader. When you’re done with the table, simply fold it back into the table top set up and push the entire thing aside. It’s that easy. The handles are built in both sides of the table so it can accommodate both the left and the right side of the bed.

The table is part of Peter Carlson’s Le Vela furniture line which offers clean, IKEA-like designs to match any apartment or lifestyle. The table and other furnitures under the Le Vela line comes in white lacquer, walnut, or structured beech with optional colors of white or sand lacquer and high-gloss or rear lacquered glass finish. The company is based out of the United Kingdom, however, but you might be able to figure out some sort of shipping arrangement to the states by contacting the company directly. Pricing for individual pieces of the La Vela line is currently unavailable on the Web, but if this Island Glass Desk and the futuristic-looking chair and footstool set is any indication at about $1,400 and $1,625 respectively on clearance, you can definitely expect to pay a hefty price for this added convenience. 

If you’re thrifty, you can still afford this type of design on a smaller budget. Hospitals have long utilized a similar bedside table that tucks away when it’s not being used, so you can check out medical furniture and supply shops to see if any of those table fit your needs. On the bright side, not only are they cheaper, they also come with wheels! No promises that they will look as pretty as the Le Vela model, of course.

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