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Your Overstock purchases can now be installed by professionals from Porch

Buying online can now be paired with offline installations, and it’s all thanks to a new partnership between Porch and On Tuesday, June 26, the two companies announced their collaboration, with hopes of offering shoppers “an expanded and personalized customer experience.” Thanks to the Porch Retail Service technology integration, Overstock buyers can now access home service professionals for tasks ranging from furniture assembly to product installs.

While Overstock has long been known for its expansive online inventory of home furnishings and accessories, it’s not necessarily lauded for its end-to-end service. But that’s where Porch comes in. Even after you’ve made your purchase, the customer care experience continues, and Porch will offer Overstock’s customers access to a national network of more than 300,000 vetted home service professionals for a fixed price.

“Today’s customers expect the option for installation and assembly services on ecommerce purchases,” Porch CEO Matt Ehrlichman said. “As a result, retailers are reimagining how to serve the heightened expectations of these customers, who may need the help of skilled professionals to install or assemble products, whether purchased in-store or online at home.”

Porch’s Service Attach implementation gives Overstock customers the option to add installation or assembly services straight to their digital carts as they check out. Alternatively, folks can elect to connect with the A.I.-enabled Porch Home Assistant, which makes use of job request data including the product, location, type of service, and budget in order to match customers with the right professional in their community. Porch Home Assistant will also assist with communication and scheduling, and offer a personalized experience for additional service needs.

“Overstock is focused on using technology to help shoppers find the products they’re looking for at the right time and the right price,” said Josh Hellewell, general manager of Overstock’s marketplace and B2B partnerships. “Offering our customers access to post-delivery services from a trusted partner like Porch allows direct interaction to extend beyond checkout, ensuring a convenient and seamless customer experience from inspiration to installation.”

Once the installation is complete, payment can be remitted through the Porch interface — the company promises a low-price guarantee, so you should be getting the best deal possible.

“The bottom line is that competition is fierce for retailers these days, and it’s imperative that everyone is thinking innovatively about how to stay ahead,” Ehrlichman added. “It is clear that customers want services along with the products they purchase so that they can have their task completed without hassle and headache.”

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