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Online shopping at Overstock gets easier with AR functionality in its app

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If you thought it was hard to visualize a new couch in your living room while standing in front of said couch at Ikea was hard, then it was probably nearly impossible to visualize any piece of new furniture in your home simply by looking at a photo. Sure, online shopping is much more convenient than going to brick-and-mortar stores, but when it comes to actually purchasing pieces that look as good in real life as they do on the web, things get a bit dicier. Now, Overstock is trying to solve that problem. This week, the online shopping network introduced augmented reality to its Overstock app for Android, now powered by Google’s ARCore technology. Folks can now take advantage of the AR experience directly from the app and check out thousands of true-to-life-size 3D models in high resolution in their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else.

While Overstock has boasted AR functionality for its iOS app ever since the ARKit launch last September, this marks the first time that Android users will be able to enjoy the same experience. With the introduction of ARCore, augmented reality technology has been made readily available to more than 100 million Android devices.

“We have invested significant resources into cutting-edge tech, like augmented reality, to make sure shoppers have the best possible experience,” Amit Goyal, senior vice president of software engineering at Overstock, said in a statement. “This technology brings thousands of products directly to our customers’ living rooms. In a matter of minutes, they can search thousands of furniture pieces, see how they look in their space, purchase the one they want, and have it delivered to their home — on one mobile app.”

Using the app should be quite straightforward. You can search for any of the thousands of products sold on Overstock, including furniture, rugs, home goods, decor. Place these knick-knacks in an AR environment next to your own belongings to see how the size, texture, and colors mesh with your overall design aesthetic. And if you want a second opinion, you can share photos of your AR design either through direct messages or social media. For maximum efficiency, you can also add products to your cart or purchase pieces with Android Pay, all while staying within AR View.

“Overstock’s mission is to leverage technology to make the online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable,” Overstock President Saum Noursalehi said in a statement. “With AR and advancements in machine learning, soon you will be able to completely decorate your home in an AR environment through simple communication with artificial intelligence that understands interior design.”

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