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Let QS Supplies' radiators impress you with both form and function

They already keep you warm, but they can be pretty “hot” themselves. The radiators from QS Supplies defy the notion that these heating devices have to be ugly white grates — rather, these radiators are works of art, ones that you would proudly display for both its form and its function.

The U.K.-based QS Supplies is known for “trendy, futuristic design concepts,” and the latest manifestation of the company’s creativity comes in the form of a range of radiators that are unlike any we’ve ever seen. “The goal was to create a future-ready appliance that can make full use of its designer potential in any setting, domestic or commercial, while performing its basic function of warming up a room,” the firm noted. And truly, these radiators have some serious designer potential.

First, there’s the tree radiator. Made from molded and welded steel, this radiator’s branches spread across a room much like the limbs of a tree, and “radiate an enormous amount of heat to provide much-needed warmth in the winter.” On each leafless branch you might hang a towel, either to dry them quickly or to warm them up before use, or both. “The appliance seamlessly melds with the central heating in your homes and serves a dual purpose of style and function,” QS Supplies says.

There’s also the Bullhead radiator for hunting enthusiasts, who may opt to replace their taxidermy deer heads with this heating device. “Polished in glossy gold or silver finish, it is certain to lend an aura of grandeur to the surroundings,” the design firm says.

For something a bit more sculptural, you might want to check out the Cube Concept radiator, featuring a “pleasing cubic profile, clubbed with attractive finishes.” With a minimalist freestanding design, this radiator will not only serve as a conversation piece, but as an antidote to the cold as well. Promising to be the “perfect amalgamation of style as well as efficiency,” QS Supplies says the Cube is “cost-effective as well as impressive on aesthetic accounts.”

To check out the full lineup of QS Supplies’ designer-friendly radiators, visit its selection here.

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