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Is that a glass slab or a television? Philips’ swank Designline TVs blend both

Philips DesignLine promo image scaledPhilips has just introduced a new TV design that, as far as we’re concerned, is the first to convincingly camouflage what has remained an eyesore for interior designers everywhere over the past five decades. Philips’ DesignLine TV is essentially a solid sheet of glass with either a 46 or 55-inch HDTV integrated into it. There’s no stand, no “neck”, no conventional base, and almost no bezel. Wait a second…Philips did this? 

Manufactured by TP Vision, the TV is designed to be simply leaned against the wall, though we imagine those with rambunctious pets and/or kids might want to consider Philips’ wall-mount option. The portion of glass below the screen is gradient-stamped to offer a faded, smoked-glass look. Also incorporated into the design is Philips Ambilight technology which refracts ambient light from the top and side edges onto the surface surrounding the TV –  a feature we’ve never been particularly fond of, frankly .

As for the TV quality itself: who knows? Philips hasn’t exactly impressed us with its consumer line of televisions in the past. However, if the company is willing to throw this much effort at developing what we think is a ground-breaking design, then we would at least hope it would throw as much weight into the performance of the display itself. 

Vital stats on the TV include 1080p resolution, LED edge lightning, active shutter 3D technology with 2-player full-screen gaming, a remote control with full keyboard and “pointer,” 4 HDMI, 3 USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Smart TV apps, USB recording, and Smart sharing features, among others. 

No word on pricing yet, but word is our friends in the UK might be able to get their hands on this functional piece of art sometime in June. Check out Philips’ video below for details on what inspired the DesignLine’s creation. 

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