Quirky Ray solar charger packs convenience with suction cup and kickstand

The better our smartphones get, it seems the less battery time we have. Remember those old flip phones that would last four days on a single charge? Well, those days are long gone, so now we have to figure out how to charge up on the go if we can’t always be plugged in. Solar chargers are a great idea as a solution to this problem, but not all of them are small enough or convenient enough to use on a daily basis. The Quirky Ray ($40) is a solar charger with a smart design that will make getting all charged up easy in almost any setting.

The solar panel is surrounded by a sturdy suction cup that will let you catch the maximum amount of rays from your car windshield, your office window, or even your window seat on a plane. A compact battery stores enough energy to fully charge a smartphone, and a USB port makes charging up your device simple and easy. A kickstand swings out from the charger to help users get maximum sunlight when they aren’t using the handy suction cup. The presale price of $40 seems like a pretty good deal, although the item won’t go into production until it gets 2,000 commitments. Considering we already wish we had one, we don’t see that being a problem. 

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