Ridiculous Party Hub lets you cook, grill, and deep-fry outdoors

ridiculous party hub lets you cook grill and deep fry outdoors 360 fryer

Grilling may have become an American pastime, but apparently it’s too healthy to really be enough these days. Throw your burgers on the grill and all that saturated fat ends up falling through the grill grate. What a shame! The solution – create a circular grill that has a deep fat fryer in the middle so that you can really make the most of whatever food you’d like to smother with heart-disease. All joking aside, the Blacktop 360 Party Hub ($250) includes everything you would need to cook up the perfect tailgater or backyard BBQ with something for everyone, fried or not. 

The all-inclusive cooker features an infrared grill capable of 650-degree cooking temperatures, thanks to HELLFIRE (yep, all caps) mode, a griddle section for cooking up a mean breakfast, a handy warming plate to keep things hot, and of course the 20-ounce fryer smack in the middle of it all. The dials on each section go all the way up to 11 so you can reach maximum cooking temperatures or control your cooking with precision. The whole thing operates on a propane canister and can be packed flat into the accompanying bag for easy transport. 

A normal tailgater just seems sad in comparison to one with french fries, onion rings, and fried chicken, right?

[Image via Uncrate]