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Best price yet: Get $220 off Roborock’s Q Revo vacuum and auto-drying mop today

Roborock Q Revo cleaning near child

With the holidays around the corner and likely family and friends coming to visit, you can certainly use help cleaning your home. If you’re doing everything manually, well, it’s time to rethink your strategy. A smart robot vacuum can pick up the debris, while a smart mop can get your floors sparkling clean. We’ll do you one better. Roborock’s Q Revo is a smart vacuum and mop combo that offers auto-drying, auto-mop washing, and self-refilling features thanks to an intelligent dock. It’s also on sale at one of the best prices we’ve seen yet for Black Friday, at a discount of $220. That means it’s all yours for just $680 instead of the usual $900. It has everything you need to automate floor cleaning, so you can recover your time and spend it on more important activities. Grab that deal or head below for more details on the Q Revo.

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Why you should buy the Roborock Q Revo smart vacuum and mop

Roborock Q Revo near multifunctional dock

With dual-spinning mops, auto-mop lifting — to ensure your carpets and rugs don’t get wet — and 5,500 pascals of extreme suction power, the Q Revo vacuum and mop is certainly powerful. Reactive obstacle avoidance combined with LiDAR-based navigation allows it to precisely detect hazards, avoid them, and continue cleaning without getting stuck or running things over like kids’ toys lying about. But the advanced app and voice controls put the convenience of control right at your fingertips.

The real star of the show, however, and what makes the Q Revo such an incredibly convenient and ultra-capable cleaning solution is the included dock. Say goodbye to all of the dirty work. The dock will auto-wash the mop when cleaning sessions are done, auto-empty the debris from the dustbin, and automatically fill the mop’s clean water tank. Thanks to a 5-liter water tank, it can continue to do all of these things for up to seven weeks. Yes, that means you get seven weeks of hands-free goodness. You don’t have to empty or refill anything for that entire time. That’s also long enough to get you through the entire 2023 holiday season without lifting a finger — your home will be spotless when the family starts arriving, too.

You can think of the Q Revo as your little vacuuming and mopping companion, handling all of the tedious tasks you used to. Kids, pets, family, friends, no matter who’s traipsing all over your home making a mess, the Q Revo will help clean up after them.

But while all of those features are phenomenal, the best part is that Roborock is offering a huge $220 discount for Black Friday and Cyber Week. Normally $900, you can grab the Q Revo and its fantastic multifunction dock for just $680. It’s definitely a deal that you do not want to miss, especially if you’re sick and tired of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and doing all the floor-cleaning things. It’s about time you had a break.

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