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Roborock S7 robot vacuum erases tough, dry stains through sonic mopping

The new Roborock S7 robot vacuum offers new, powerful features that make it stand out from the rest of the Roborock lineup and seal its position as the brand’s top-of-the-line model just in time for CES 2021. Following the success of its S6 MaxV last year, the Roborock S7 is unique because it leverages one of the fastest sonic mops on the market, which means it scrubs anywhere from 1,650 times per minute all the way to 3,000 times per minute.

This gives it the ability to disintegrate dirt and dried-on grime to provide a more thorough clean than any other mop on the market. It combines this with an intelligent lift technology powered through VibraRise that ensures the mop deactivates and lifts itself out of the way when carpets are detected.

The intelligent mop lift means users no longer have to designate “no-mop” zones through its smart map. This allows the Roborock S7 to transition from vacuuming to mopping and back again seamlessly.

It isn’t just the mop that has seen upgrades, either. The main brush hugs the floor to provide up to 2500Pa of suction, which lifts even the most ground-in dirt from within carpet fibers. And thanks to the upgraded 5,200mAh battery, the Roborock S7 can clean for up to three hours without needing a charge.

The Roborock S7 can be controlled through the easy-to-use app on both iOS and Android. The app allows users to view a smart map with a real-time report of where the robot vac is, designate areas the mop should avoid, and more. You can also schedule specific cleaning periods so that you always return to a clean home. The Roborock S7 will send notifications through the app if it becomes stuck or needs you to intervene in some way. You can also control the Roborock through Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.

Previous models of the Roborock could also vacuum and mop, but users had to manually change attachments to take full advantage of the device. The new Roborock S7 works with almost no intervention from the user, which results in a more efficient, more thorough clean.

The next-generation Roborock S7 will be available for purchase on March 24 for an estimated MSRP of $649, and the company is also planning to release an accompanying auto empty dock that will allow the robot vac to self-empty itself. There’s no word about its price and availability, but the S7 will be the first model that will be compatible with it.

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