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Samsung washing machine recall results in $6.55M class-action settlement

Samsung settled a class action lawsuit involving more than 30 top-loading washing machine models for $6.55 million, according to Top Class Actions.

The class action alleged the washing machine tops could detach, or the machines could explode during washing cycles. Samsung recalled the washers in 2016, but consumers sued. Original owners may qualify for purchase price refunds plus a cash settlement up to $400.

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The lawsuit claimed the Samsung appliances were a danger to anyone who might be near them while the machines were operating. After the 2016 recall of almost three million washing machines, reports of exploding washers continued. Also, consumers claimed drain pumps on some models broke or detached.

In May 2018, for example, a top-loader exploded in Texas while washing a mattress pad. No one was injured in the blast, which pushed the machine away from the wall and blew the top off. The owner was in another room when the blast occurred.

In a statement to ABC affiliate WFAA8, she said “If people were here, especially my kids, it could have been deadly. How can a washing machine just blow up?”

In a press release in 2016, John Herrington, Samsung Electronics America senior vice president and general manager of home appliances, stated, “Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall. We are moving quickly and in partnership with the CPSC to ensure consumers know the options available to them and that any disruption in the home is minimized.”

The recall included 2.8 million units of 34 top-loading machine models manufactured between March 2011 and November 2016, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall notice.

Not satisfied with the original recall, the class action plaintiffs claimed some owners didn’t hear about the recall in time get refunds.

The settlement includes five types of financial relief. If you are the original purchaser of one of the 34 models involved in the class action lawsuit, claim forms must be submitted by August 6, 2019.

You can check to see if your Samsung top-loading washing machine is part of the settlement on the settlement WasherLookup page. Consumers will need to submit proof of purchase in the form of the washer’s serial number. Receipts or other proof of repairs and additional damage must also be submitted, if applicable. According to Top Class Actions, anyone who submits a settlement claim form does so under penalty of perjury.

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