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Schlage’s custom hardware collection expands upgrades to exterior doors

Upgrading exterior and interior door hardware just got easier with the Schlage Custom Door Hardware Collection. Following up on door upgrade hardware kits for interior doors, the 95-year-old company based in Carmel, Indiana, added exterior handle sets to the line.

If you’re thinking a doorknob is just a doorknob, maybe it’s time to take a closer look.

In addition to simplifying door hardware appearance changes, Schlage‘s custom hardware collection includes two significant functional upgrade choices: Levers and locks.

Levers make life easier, especially opening for doors

Round or faceted doorknobs are the conventional hardware style, but door lever handle sets are much more convenient to use. You may admire the modern appearance of door levers, but their functional advantages have even more fans.

Door levers were recommended first for children, elderly people, and people with certain disabilities, but most people have occasions when doorknobs are inconvenient or difficult to operate.

It’s a lot easier to push a door lever up, down, or sideways to open an exterior door when your hands are wet or you’re wearing iced mittens or gloves. Twisting a slippery doorknob requires holding the knob tighter than usual for a sufficient grip to apply force to turn it. Pushing is a simpler action than twisting, however, and icy, wet, or sweaty hands aren’t an issue.

In addition to eliminating grip force requirements, door levers are also much easier to use than knobs when your hands and arms are full. When you’re carrying groceries, luggage, or children, if you can open a door with your elbow, shoulder, or knee — height matters — you don’t have to put everything down to get inside.

Converting non-locking doors to lockable

The Schlage Custom Door Hardware collection provides homeowners with universally functional handle sets that can convert any door from non-locking to lockable.

If you want to add a lock to a previously non-locking bedroom, bathroom, stairway, garage, or closet door, Schlage wants to make the task an easy DIY project. According to Schlage, you can convert its non-locking Custom Collection interior handle sets to locking without removing and replacing the hardware’s inner core.

Schlage Custom collection handle sets are available in six finishes, 12 knob and lever designs, seven trim designs, and a variety of styles. According to Ted Roberts, the style and design chief for Allegion, Schlage’s parent company, the new door hardware line revolutionized flexibility and style.

“Schlage Custom handle sets offer the ultimate in options for entry design,” Roberts said, “with the inspiration behind these designs taken from current home and fashion trends to create unique door hardware that can serve as an expression of homeowners’ personal style.”

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