Scratch World Map makes wall art personal

scratch world map makes wall art personal luckies

If you’re a world-traveler, chances are you like to reminisce about times abroad and bring up stories about your jet-setting ways in conversation as often as possible. This can be more than annoying if overdone, but if you can find that delicate balance and tell dramatic stories about wild encounters just often enough, you will be considered smart, adventurous, and–oh yes–“cultured.” Other than the Facebook application “Places I’ve Been,” there aren’t many options for keeping track of all the countries, cities, and continents you’ve visited. Enter the Luckies Original Scratch Map ($36), a large wall map that can function as both wall art and a personalized record of places you’ve checked off your travel list. The giant map has a foil top layer that easily scratches off when you want to mark a new place that you’ve been. Underneath the foil, countries are revealed in different colors with geographical details and cities. Make sure you have a few countries ready to scratch off before you buy, because a map with only the U.S. and Canada revealed is just sad.