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Get French-pressed coffee without sacrificing convenience, thanks to Simpli Press

Coffee lovers will know why French presses are a great way to make coffee: They generally offer a certain richness not found in other coffee making methods. While they’re easy to use, there is one major drawback: They’re messy. Coffee grounds go everywhere, making the French press hard to clean.

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There’s one French press, however, that’s hoping to make cleaning easier. The device is called Simpli Press coffee, and it lifts the coffee grounds out of the device with the plunger, ensuring that the grounds don’t stick inside the vessel. Not only that, but it’s built from glass and stainless steel, which, for the purists out there, means that coffee won’t come in contact with plastic.

The way it works is that there’s a capsule that lives in the bottom of the vessel. You put our coffee grounds in the capsule, then put in the water, like you would in any other coffee press. The plunger then goes in, where you push down the grounds into the capsule. When you pull the plunger back up, the capsule comes with it, trapping the coffee grounds inside, and making coffee cleanup easy. Sure, it’s not perfect — even the demo video shows a few lone coffee grounds escaping from the vessel. But it’s certainly easier than a traditional French press.

The device is flexible too — you can use a paper filter with it, if you want, and it can handle any standard size of coffee grounds.

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If you want rich, beautifully tasting coffee for yourself without compromising on convenience, head to the Simpli Press Kickstarter page. The press has already well surpassed its goal of $25,000, sitting at double that at the time of this writing. Currently you can get the press for $59 at early bird pricing, but after all 500 of the early bird specials have sold out, the Simpli Press French press will cost $69.

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