Skybar Wine Chill Drops cool your wine in a hurry

skybar wine chill drops cool your in a hurry img66l

This product can be added to the list of utterly random things that could be useful in life. If anyone has ever brought you a bottle of white wine straight from the store for your dinner party, you probably know that room temperature white wine can be, let’s just say, regrettable. Even worse is when you bring home a bottle yourself and proceed to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter instead of putting it in the fridge. No, this is not a life-altering problem, but if it’s something that you’d like to avoid, take a minute to check out the Skybar Wine Chill Drops ($50) over at Williams-Sonoma. Keep these stainless-steel drops stowed in your freezer, and when dropped into a glass of room temperature wine they will chill it to perfection at lightning speeds. The drops are conveniently designed to fit almost any wine glass and even most champagne flutes. The set of two includes tabletop holders to protect surfaces from moisture. Problem solved.