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Skybar Wine Chill Drops cool your wine in a hurry

This product can be added to the list of utterly random things that could be useful in life. If anyone has ever brought you a bottle of white wine straight from the store for your dinner party, you probably know that room temperature white wine can be, let’s just say, regrettable. Even worse is when you bring home a bottle yourself and proceed to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter instead of putting it in the fridge. No, this is not a life-altering problem, but if it’s something that you’d like to avoid, take a minute to check out the Skybar Wine Chill Drops ($50) over at Williams-Sonoma. Keep these stainless-steel drops stowed in your freezer, and when dropped into a glass of room temperature wine they will chill it to perfection at lightning speeds. The drops are conveniently designed to fit almost any wine glass and even most champagne flutes. The set of two includes tabletop holders to protect surfaces from moisture. Problem solved.

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JetBag gets your wine home safely in checked baggage

It used to be that you could take as much alcohol as you wanted on the plane in your carry-on luggage, meaning you could take full advantage of that duty-free store or the beautiful wineries you visited during your travels. Well, since the relatively new TSA liquid regulations were set in place, your wine can no longer come with you on the plane. We know, it's a terribly sad story. Luckily someone has realized the importance of being able to bring home several bottles of wine after a trip and invented the JetBag ($15 for 3), which will help you protect bottles of wine in your checked luggage. Theoretically, checking your wine bottles in your regular luggage shouldn't be a problem, but with bags getting thrown around at the airport and jostled during flights, there's always a chance you will open your suitcase to find clothes soaked in that fine Pinot Noir you picked up. The JetBag aims to avoid that terrible occurrence by providing padded protection for your wine as well as a sealed, absorbent bag just in case a bottle does break. The bag uses the same material as baby diapers to pad your wine bottle and absorb the full contents of the bottle should it break and spill. If no breakage occurs while in flight, you can use your JetBags over and over again. We'll take three, please.

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Add some smokiness to your meat with Red Oak Burger Grilling Planks

Grilling is sort of like the man's version of the "who bakes the best cookies?" competition in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to be praised for their culinary prowess, but it's going to take more than the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips bag (or a pre-made burger patty) to get there. Everyone has their grilling secrets, but sometimes too many extra ingredients and cooking-show techniques can lead to an overworked burger that tastes more like spices than meat. Give your burgers a subtle smoky flavor with Red Oak Burger Grilling Planks ($16 for 4, $24 for 8) and you just might have the neighbors giving you that winning "what's that great flavor?" look at your next barbecue. The simple wood planks are probably one of the easiest ways to give an unadulterated burger patty just enough extra oomph. They can also be used to add smoky flavor to chicken, pork, or steak. Unfortunately, they can only be used about two times before losing their flavor, so save these for special burger nights or stock up.

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Artful Winemaker Personal Winemaking System crafts homemade wine in 28 days

Wine is no longer just a tasty beverage to have with your dinner, but a well-rounded hobby that includes tasting, ordering, buying, touring, and now, crafting your own variety at home. If you're the type to partake in sommelier-like behavior at dinner, the next step is surely to take the process into your own hands and witness winemaking from start to finish. The Artful Winemaker Personal Winemaking System ($150) gives you all the tools you need to make 12 bottles of your personal wine in just four weeks. The system includes everything you need for your wine-brewing experience, including an instructional DVD to make sure you don't end up with anything less than delicious. The kit is available in Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet/Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling varietals and has stellar user reviews. Plus, nothing is better than showing off your own brand of wine at your next dinner party. Buyers beware that extreme patience is required.

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