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Email photos to the Skylight Frame for display on its 10-inch screen

Skylight Frame
There’s no shortage of digital frames on the market these days, each promising to liven up your room with an endless cycle of your most precious memories. But all too often, these 21st-century frames behave more like 12th-century frames, keeping the same image locked in place — not because they can’t support variety, but because owners often forget to switch things up. But with the Skylight Frame, you might finally have a frame that is as flexible and dynamic as you and your memories. Simply email the frame when you have a new photograph you’d like to show off, and see the image displayed promptly within the Skylight Frame.

Since you’re always emailing or texting images to friends and loved ones, adding the Skylight Frame to your contact list serves as an even easier way to share moments with folks around the world. Rather than relying on a smartphone screen to display a special moment, you can instead throw it up on the big(ger) screen — the Skylight Frame measures 10.7 by 7.4 inches.

Each and every Skylight uses a dedicated email address (which you select yourself), which means you can send photos to multiple frames (and individuals) simultaneously. While photos will appear as a slideshow on the digital frame, customers have the option of freezing certain photographs that are particularly meaningful. And anytime a new image arrives, you’ll see a “New Photos Have Arrived” notification on the touchscreen display — simply tap it to pull the newest photo into your collection. The Skylight Frame boasts a memory capacity of 4GB, which translates to about 4,000 photos. Photos can be easily removed using the “Delete” button on the touchscreen as well. And should you run out of room, your oldest photos will be booted to allow for newer assets to come in.

For folks concerned about privacy issues, Skylight notes that its email server only holds onto an image until it has been downloaded by the smart frame. As soon as you’re in possession of the image, the picture is removed from Skylight’s servers.

All Skylight needs to operate is a functional Wi-Fi connection and an electric plug, so the digital frame can go just about anywhere in the world. You can buy a Skylight Frame now from the company website for $159.

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