Stoves Richmond Mini Range Cookers will excite the retro lover in you

Stoves Mini Range

When your stove is made by a company named Stoves, there’s little that can go wrong. Check out this new line of Stoves Richmond Mini, a compact range cooker that boasts colorful options to match your home or personality. As part of the Color Boutique collection, the Stoves Mini come in both gas and fuel options and has a cooking capacity of 98 liters. The four gas burners include a wok-specific burner for those who like using a more exotic kitchenware, and the cooker has a four zone ceramic hob with elegant chrome finishes. To wrap up the retro feel, Stoves Mini also has an LED clock… so remember to change that during daylight savings time or you’re stuck with a time that’s one hour off for half the year. If that doesn’t remind you of old fashioned kitchen tech, we don’t know what will.

stoves mini range blueStoves mini Wildberry

Stoves is based in the United Kingdom, so you’ll have to contact local retailers for a quote. The new Minis come in a variety of candy colors, like Day’s Break, Wild Berry, Icy Brook, Champagne, and Hot Jalapeno. It must be fun to be the person that comes up with these descriptive color titles.