Temple iPad 2 Smart Case made with WWII canvas and oiled saddle leather

temple ipad 2 smart case made with wwii canvas and oiled saddle leather templeipad

With the iPad out for purchase today, more and more of the brands we love are jumping onto the bandwagon with cases designed specifically for the iPad 2. We love Temple for their quality construction and nostalgic look, and the company’s iPad 2 case combines all of that with details fit to protect and make the most of your iPad 2. The Temple iPad Smart Case ($179) is made from repurposed WWII canvas and oiled saddle leather, making for a rugged look that will set your iPad 2 apart from the sea of bright or black neoprene. A 1/8 inch of closed-cell foam padding makes sure your pad is fully protected, and khaki twill lining adds to the look. A magnetic closure keeps the case secure when not in use, and turns into a multi-purpose stand for both viewing and typing when folded back. Like any smart design, the Temple case allows for maximum functionality of your iPad, with a precision cut-out for the speaker port and a brass eyelet to allow full use of the iPad 2’s new onboard camera.