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This new Kickstarter will help you grow your own furniture

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Got a green thumb and a passion for gardening? Tired of growing food and flower? Ever considered branching out into end tables and couches?

Terra is a product from Italian Studio Nucleo that lets you grow your own eyebrow in carefully shaped cardboard frames. Originally conceived and sold in 2000, production was halted in 2005 when costs became too great for the self-produced product. Now, 11 years later, the project has been revived due to renewed interested. The studio and its founder, Robino Piergiorgio, are seeking backing on Kickstarter.

At its core, Terra is a cardboard frame; the newer version is slightly smaller than its predecessor so that it can be easily transported. The cardboard panels are cut with laser and are designed for simple assembly. Once fully assembled, soil is added and the frame is seeded with grass. Producers caution that, like any living thing, Terra furniture requires care. With adequate water and time however, the grass grows up over the frame creating a living, growing armchair. With this relaunch, Terra has also introduced new models include sofas that can seat up to 3 people.

The process for growing your very own backyard patio furniture is pretty simple. By backing the Kickstarter campaign you can choose your design. For around $100 USD you get a small version of the original, one-seat Terra chair. If you’re looking for space for the whole family, be prepared to pay a little over $80 for the three-seat sofa.

Nucleo is striving to create a sustainable furniture model that works with our natural resources instead of wasting them. Instead of bringing in foreign objects to your outdoor living space, you are intimately a part of the creation of that living space. Terra provides the framework and with a little effort and a hand from Mother Nature, furniture is born in your own backyard. Neat!

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