The Force Is With…The Force

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Using the Freedom of Information Act, Jane’s Police Review has obtained information showing that eight officers of Strathclyde Police in Scotland claim Jedi as their religion on diversity forms.

Additionally, two civilian staff claim to follow the Star Wars religion. That’s from a total of 8,200 police officers and 2,800 civilian staff. No other UK force had Jedi members.

Jane’s Police Review editor Chris Herbert told the BBC:

"The Force appears to be strong in Strathclyde Police with their Jedi police officers and staff.”

"Far from living a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, some members of the noble Jedi order have now chosen Glasgow and its surrounding streets as their home."

In the 2001 census, 390,000 people in England and Wales and 14,000 in Scotland claimed Jedi as their religion.