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The Odorless, a toilet odor removal system, is the most important Kickstarter ever

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There are inventions and then there are inventions — you know, the sort that change the course of human history. And when it comes to eliminating bathroom odors from the source of the crime (the toilet), it seems pretty clear that such a development falls into the second category.

The Odorless, otherwise known as the most important Kickstarter campaign ever, promises to “eliminates embarrassing #2 odor directly from the toilet bowl, creating a better bathroom experience for everyone.” And for just $89, you can be part of the early bird team that makes for happier noses all around.

The Odorless Kickstarter VideoFinal

According to The Odorless’ Kickstarter page, the charcoal filter fan (otherwise known as the magic behind The Odorless) works by trapping the fungi and bacteria that add to the bad smells in an “Activated Carbon Filter.” This prevents unseemly particles from escaping through the overflow-vent pipe that is part of standard toilets, and that ultimately fills the air with the stank. And if this vague explanation isn’t enough to convince you, The Odorless has science to back its claims up.

To test the effectiveness of the relatively inconspicuous device, researchers from University College Dublin pulled bathroom air from a facility with Odorless-filtered air, and from a facility without the filter, and compared both samples.

“After 29 hours the tests determined that our Activated Carbon Filter captured 99% of the micro-organisms and fungi that was filtered by The Odorless!” the company reported, “Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing most of that crap is no longer floating around in your bathroom, landing on your sink, toothbrush, contact lenses and more?” Well after that mental image, sure.

The Odorless team promises to post the full results of the study “soon,” and until then, you can examine this delightful image to compare the differences in air quality.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.35.24 PM

Installation appears to be a breeze, with one component located inside your toilet tank, and the other mounted on a nearby wall. The only prerequisite for The Odorless is the presence of an Overflow-Vent Pipe, which isn’t available in some European commodes. But if you’re in the U.S., you should be covered.

With 42 days to go, The Odorless has raised $12,252 of its $27,000 goal, so it certainly looks as though the firm is on track to succeed. So if you want a stench-free toilet, it may be time to head over to Kickstarter and make an investment in The Odorless.

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