Thinksound to release new ms01 headphones in December

thinksound to release new ms01 headphones in december 01 2

We are already fans of Thinksound here at DT for multiple reasons. Mainly, we’ve tested out the company’s earbuds before and have always been impressed with every model’s sound quality. In addition to that most important factor, we also like Thinksound headphones for their design and eco-conscious philosophy. Thinksound headphones are all made with wood (from renewable sources) to give listeners a natural, warm sound. In addition to using renewably-sourced wood and PVC-free cables, the company has cut down on its carbon footprint by using recycled packaging and eliminating unnecessary plastics. Plus, they look good. 

To add yet another level to its already-comprehensive family of earbuds, Thinksound is planning to release the ms01 model from the new Monitor Series sometime in December. The first model in the Monitor Series, the ms01 will be a step up in both quality and build, with a price tag somewhere around $120. The new earbuds were designed with input from both musicians and producers, giving the ms01 a highly-accurate sound and deep bass extension without the problem of fatigue. The ms01 will feature a small 8mm high-definition in-ear monitor with passive noise isolation, an 8mm dynamic driver with 18Hz to 20kHz frequency response, and a sound signature with increased accuracy and a warm, deep bass. 

The first release of the ms01 will come in a chocolate wood color with gunmetal aluminum accents. The headphones will feature Kevlar-reinforced PVC-free, tangle resistant cables, and as always will come with a cotton carrying pouch and four different sizes of silicone ear inserts. The earphones will be available through Thinksound and at J&R retailers.