TiVo Brings Customers Extra Cheese

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It’s possible someone who’s been paying even a tiny bit of attention to the evolution of interactive home video technology didn’t see this one coming…but we don’t know how. DVR pioneer TiVo announced today that it has added the ability for broadband-connected TiVo subscribers to order Domino’s pizza for either delivery or pickup directly from their television sets via TiVo.

No, really. We didn’t just make that up.

“Joining forces with Domino’s Pizza creates an effective marketing and commerce tool for Domino’s while enhancing and further distinguishing TiVo as the ultimate way to watch TV with a closed-loop advertising experience,” said Karen Bressner, Tivo’s senior VP of advertising sales, in a statement. “With just a few clicks of the remote, TiVo users can pause their program, order a pizza, and then sit back, relax, and return to their favorite show without missing a single second.”

TiVo subscribers can set up an account on dominos.com so they can log in with their TiVo systems using just an account number. Otherwise, users can tap into the new Dominos feature via an “Order Your Dominos Pizza Now” item in the Music, Photos, Products, and More section, or through sponsorships, program placements, and interactive tags throughout TiVo programming, and enter delivery address and payment information, and build their order right on the screen by selecting crust, toppings, and sauces. The TiVo service is free and is available starting today, but viewers still have to pay in cash when orders are delivered.

Although the move might seem like a natural marketing synergy, we might point out that the partnership might ultimately reduce TiVo’s subscriber base. You know, once they begin succumbing to coronary blockages in significant numbers.