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Toucan connected security camera is (very nearly) truly wireless

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Often, when a company identifies its product as a wireless device, there should be an asterisk by the claim. Rarely is a device ever truly wireless — it typically needs a power connection of some sort, which may not be anywhere near your desired placement. The situation is worse for outdoor equipment, where power outlets could be on the other side of the house. And while the Toucan Outdoor Wireless Security Camera does need a power connection, its solution to the issue allows its asterisk to be a very tiny one.

The only real requirement for the Toucan is that is be placed near an outdoor light fixture. This is a very reasonable request, as most people set up security cameras by their doors, which, more often than not, have light fixtures right next to them.

The Toucan pulls off this trick by including a nifty adapter in the box. The adapter screws into your light fixture between the bulb and the socket, thus adding a powered USB port from which you can power your Toucan camera. This eliminates the stress and mess of trying to get a cord through your exterior wall or install your own electrical outlet, meaning the system can be retrofitted into nearly every existing structure.

The adapter has a few smart tricks up its sleeve, too. Since the socket needs to be powered on at all times in order for the camera to operate, the adapter takes over the duties of switching the light on and off. Since it is already connected to Wi-Fi for the camera to stream out, this now lets you control the light from anywhere through Kuna companion app. It can even be scheduled to turn on and off at set times, or at dusk or dawn.

From there, the Toucan will offer what many connected smart cameras do, with some smart doorbell features mixed in as well. The camera includes a microphone and a loudspeaker, so if you catch someone at your doorway you can tell them to shoo or leave the package on the step. You can be alerted to any movement, thanks to its built-in motion sensor. And if you really want to scare someone off or bring attention to your house the camera has a 100-decibel siren that can be activated through the app.

The camera is completely weatherproof, so there’s no need to worry about taking it down when the weather turns cold, and can even survive the occasional power wash if you’re cleaning your front stoop.

The entire kit costs $229 and is available at major home improvement stores across the U.S., or at Toucan’s website.

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