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Utopia’s Skýli cabin lets the Icelandic sky in while keeping the cold out

While sleeping under the stars can be a breathtaking experience, it’s less fun when temperatures begin to approach freezing. If you’ve ever considered hiking in Iceland, a country known for its majestic mountains and glaciers, just the thought of spending the night outside might convince you to skip the Nordic nation altogether, where temperatures can plummet to -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Enter the Skýli: A shelter created specifically for hikers traveling along the frigid trails of Iceland. Utopia Arkitekter designed the trekking cabin so it could be easily transported and assembled along some of island’s more remote locations. Once erected, the impromptu shelter provides warmth, supplies, and lodging in the region’s harsh weather conditions.

With vibrant, metallic steeples — each of which are painted electric blue to increase visibility — the Skýli is changing the way hikers interact with their surroundings while paying homage to the architecture of Reykjavik, the country’s capital. The modern structure can accommodate up to 15 people and provides two distinct areas for sleeping, one for cooking, and another for storing emergency supplies. Triangular windows sit beneath each crest and offer sprawling views of the region’s rugged scenery.

Best of all, the materials for the Skýli are pre-fabricated and can be delivered via helicopter to your location. The fact that the entire structure can be assembled in two or three days is an added plus, as is the low-impact footprint.

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