Want your drink hot, iced, or fizzy? This machine makes them all

Whirlpool B.blend

How do you wake up? A strong cup of coffee? An energy drink? What if there was one machine that could seamlessly mix up both for you?

Whirlpool teamed up with Anheuser-Bush InBev to sell a new appliance for beverage creation, according to Reuters. The machine, known as B.blend, is the hallmark of the $70 million partnership. Much like Keurig machines, the B.blend requires capsules of drink mix to make iced or hot tea, hot chocolate, apple juice, soda, or a cosmo. Right now, it’s only available in Brazil and has a price tag of about $1,150. The capsules range from $0.50 to $1.50, while the CO2 cartridges cost about $32.

Fernando Yunes, vice president of new business at Whirlpool Latin America, told the Reuters that Whirlpool wants B.blend to be the world’s first all-in-one machine for hot, cold, and carbonated drinks. The company has been working on the product for four years.

The first 500 B.blend machines are being targeted toward early adopters in San Paulo, Brazil. If you can manage to get your hands on one, you’ll play a role in selecting new drinks for the machine. Whirlpool executives say that depending on demand, the B.blend will expand across Brazil and other countries.

At the moment, Whirlpool is marketing B.blend under its Brastemp brand in Brazil. This may change depending on how well received the product is in the future.

While $1,150 might seem a little pricey, it’s worth noting that the home beverage creation market only appears to be going upward in cost. Keurig Green Mountain recently announced the Keurig Kold, a cold beverage-brewing device, which will retail for $300 when it launches this fall. However, that machine doesn’t require replacement CO2 cartridges, as the pods themselves (which cost between a dollar and $1.29) contain carbonation beads.