Wide Angle HD Dive Mask captures high-quality video with no hands

wide angle hd dive mask captures high quality video with no hands scubahdwide 4

This isn’t just any old scuba mask you might find in the toy bin at your local community pool. Take a second look and you’ll realize that this beast of a mask has an attached camera that sits right between the lenses. Unlike most underwater cameras and recording devices, this mask records what you see without requiring the user to constantly frame the shot by moving a camera around. This makes the mask easy fun for recording your kids or buddies in the pool, but even better for recording stunning videos on a recreational dive. The Wide Angle HD Dive Mask ($350) functions as a dive mask typically would (it’s rated up to 130 feet), but also records 720p video and 5-megapixel image stills under water. The mask operates on 4 AAA batteries and comes with a 2GB microSD card, which can be upgraded all the way up to 32GB.

In an effort to make recording as simple as possible, large levers and buttons control the camera and can easily be used while wearing diving gloves. Inside the mask, LED lights tell the user what mode the camera is using and whether it’s recording or not. While it may not be worth the money if you’re only planning to wear this while horsing around in your backyard pool (unless you’re rich, then by all means, buy away), this would be a great tool for recreational divers who want to come up for air with something to show from their dives.