Can an iPad stand make you a better cook? It can’t make you a worse one …

Williams Sonoma iPad stand

Don’t kid yourself, everyone knows your idea of a “cookbook” is a last minute scramble through Google in search of a recipe that looks remotely possible for you to not screw up. If you’re doing this on an iPad and not a phone, congratulations – you’re this close to looking a little less incompetent in the kitchen. All you need now is William-Sonoma’s new iPad stand.

The stand is actually three products that work as a set or individually: A BlueTooth speaker, an iPad stand, and a splash guard. The stand and speaker are compact have a clean design that won’t look out of place among your countertop appliances. The splash guard fits across the screen but it’s flexible and appears to come on and off more easily than a full iPad case.

Once you’ve downloaded an old standby like the Epicurious app or Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything, you’ll be able to stare with a confused look on your face at high res imagery of the meal you’re trying to cook, while listening to verbal instructions, death metal, or something in between. It’s your call, Mario Batali.

The whole set costs $199.95, but each item can be purchased separately.