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Wyze Cordless Vacuum undercuts rivals with ridiculously low pricing

Vacuuming can be a real pain, especially when your trusted dirt companion is nothing more than a massive weight on wheels. Thankfully, consumer tech brands have come up with plenty of reimagined vacuum designs to take the heaving out of your next whole-home weekend cleaning. Wyze, the popular smart home company known for everything from smart lights to security cameras, is the latest name to jump on the vacuum wagon, and the results will give other suction stalwarts a run for their money.

Just announced, the Wyze Cordless Vacuum is available for pre-order with a jaw-dropping price point of only $119. Compare that to competitive vacuum names like Shark (cordless models starting around $199) and Dyson (cordless starting at $299). You may be wondering if lower cost means lesser performance. With most things Wyze, that’s simply not the case. This vacuum is no exception.

For starters, the vacuum itself runs off a dual-powered motor system. The core digital motor outputs up to 24,000 Pa of suction, with the ancillary brush head motor delivering another 9,500 Pa for the toughest messes your home can muster. With all that suction, it’s easy to imagine a vacuum that requires constant charging. Rest assured, Wyze has taken this into consideration. The vacuum comes with a single rechargeable battery that is guaranteed to last up to 50 minutes. If you purchase a second battery ($59), that’s close to 100 minutes of performance time.

Wyze Cordless Vacuum

In terms of cleaning speeds, there are three to choose from: Eco (7,000 Pa), Medium (15,000 Pa), and Turbo (24,000 Pa). Switching between tiers of suction is as simple as making a selection on the vacuum’s easy-to-read LED touchscreen. Whatever detritus the vacuum takes in is funneled through a three-stage filtration system, starting with the vacuum cyclone itself and ending with a HEPA filter that blocks nearly all finer air particles from affecting your living space.

Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Weighing in at only 2.8 pounds, the vacuum is also a breeze to move throughout the multiple rooms and floors of any home. With an easy-empty dust cap and a handy mounting bracket for elevating your closet space, the Wyze Cordless Vacuum is a testament to the Wyze way: Competitively priced consumer tech with features and performance matching the abilities of much higher-priced products. Pre-orders are live right now through Wyze’s site, with vacuums expected to begin shipping in July. Get online and snag your Wyze Cordless Vacuum today!

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