Light tunes up: Zedcon’s strip of LED lights sync with your music

zedcon is a strip of led lights that operate independently app

Feeling blue? Perhaps Zedfy‘s Zedcon, a strip of smart LED lights, can elevate your mood. Connected through your smartphone, the product’s small controller can alter individual bulbs in its digital LED strips to any of 16 million color options, leaving others in the same band unchanged. Standard LED strips typically light up in rainbow hues but only emitting a single row of color at a time.

Feeling the Moody Blues? Zedcon’s built-in microphone and music-processing chip can analyze songs that are playing and sync into a patterned light experience on its LED strips. Got a work promotion? Set the tone for a hopping, celebratory dinner and dance party. When all but that one very special guest leaves, dim the lights down low and fade to seductive black.

There are also other, more functional uses for the lights. Do you dread your alarm clock’s monotone buzz every morning? With Zedcom’s smart timer feature, you can set it so that you’ll regularly awaken to a mellow aura of light instead. When you have an incoming call while the kids are sleeping, the LEDs can send out a light alert, so the ringing smartphone doesn’t wake them up. Lots of smart light bulbs offer similar capabilities, but the strips are a little more flexible when it comes to placement.

In the future, Zedcom’s creators expect it to connect with more devices via updates from the cloud. When red-hot streaks of light beam in the living room, you’ll know dinner’s ready.

Expected to ship this August, the Berlin, German-based development team still needs to illuminate more backers on its Indiegogo campaign, as it’s met $3,500 of its $50,000 goal. Act now, and nab the super early bird rate of $79, which gets you just over three feet of lights.