Three Things Every Job Seeker Should Know


Looking to get a job in 2010? You can improve your chances of getting hired with our inside guides to the best job hunting websites, must-know job hunting tips and overview of professional social networking strategies. But a word to the wise as well – don’t send out a resume without remembering these three essential pieces of advice:

    1. Firstly, when it comes to quantity versus quality, the latter always wins. Always. Thusly, don’t spend your time impersonating a scud missile launcher, firing off ad hoc resumes and peppering the landscape with half-cocked profiles, but never really hitting your target. Instead, remember that while you may have become bored or fatigued or disenchanted with the job-seeking process, the folks who may potentially hire you don’t want to know about it.
    1. Secondly, though we can’t underscore the importance of reaching out and touching someone, try to refrain from committing one of the most abhorred Internet sins of all: Spamming, or going overboard in terms of repeated efforts towards making outreach. You’ll know a true spam from a legit email or message by that little trickle of sweat forming on your brow as you concoct it.
  1. Lastly, keep up your appearance – and that includes your virtual presence – even if you’re currently employed. You never know when the bell shall toll for thee, or a dream job is just one click away on the horizon.

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