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A Show About Words That Trip Us Up

Hosted by Myq Kaplan

Tuesdays 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Every Tuesday, Jargon will deep dive into an particular industry, attempting to define key pieces of jargon that someone just entering the industry might encounter. Keeping step-in-tone with a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show will approach technical language from the point of view of humorous ignorance, exploring the terms with the audience before bringing on a subject matter expert to make terms and concepts digestible.

Recent Stories
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Latest episode of Jargon audits the complicated lingo of accounting

On this episode, we dig into the complex jargon of accounting with expert Winnie Sun to attempt to overcome our knowledge debt when it comes to valuing the terms of a very confusing industry.
Digital Trends Live

Jargon: A look inside the lingo of the plant-based diet industry

On this episode, we dig into the jargon of the plant-based diet industry with Will Schafer, vice president of marketing at Beyond Meat, who walks us through the terms and technologies of this somewhat new but rapidly expanding movement.
Digital Trends Live

Latest episode of Jargon takes a dive into digital advertising industry speak

On this episode, we discuss the jargon of digital advertising. From cookies to impressions, from KPI to GDPR, the modern world of online marketing is crawling with jargon that aims to confuse and obfuscate. We’re here to change that.
Digital Trends Live

This episode of Jargon illuminates lingo of screen technology, from 4K to HDR

From the humble beginnings of a tiny 10-inch TV screen in a furniture-sized console to a high-definition screen that fits in your pocket, we define the jargon behind all your screens.
Digital Trends Live

Jargon: Wading through the alphabet soup of the computer hardware industry

On this episode, we dive into the world of computer acronyms with Sean Cleveland, director of technical marketing at Nvidia. Learn to parse the complicated capitals that serve as shorthand for understanding today’s computer technology.
Digital Trends Live

Jargon: Exploring the language of the blockchain industry

On the second episode of Jargon, we break down the confusing terms of the blockchain industry. The jargon words we define are "blockchain," "distributed ledger," "algorithm," "fork," and "node."
Digital Trends Live

New DT show Jargon deciphers complexities of various industries

On this week’s show, we shed some light on some of the most-used jargon of the mortgage industry, including mortgage, escrow, closing costs, fixed and variable rates, and amortization schedules.
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Digital Trends Live Announces New Tuesday Show ‘Jargon’ in Partnership With LinkedIn

Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, is expanding their live channel again with a new Tuesday show called Jargon. The show will examine the technical and sometimes absurd insider terminology that makes different…