10 awesome IFTTT recipes for Android that you need to master

best ifttt recipes for iphone

Having been around the iOS block for quite some time, If This Then That (IFTTT), a powerful automation service, finally made its way to Android. Each available channel within IFTTT contains “recipes.” These recipes act at a set of triggers (the “if this” part) and actions (the “then that” part). For example, if you update your status on Facebook (if this), a status update also gets posted on Twitter (then that).

Having recently launched for Android, we’ve compiled a list of awesome recipes you can use. Are we missing a cool recipe? Let us know.

IFTTT Recipe: Mute my phone when I get to the office & turn on vibrate connects android-location to android-device

It’s a chore to have to take out your handset and mute it whenever you get to work. With this recipe, once you enter a given area, your ringtone will be muted and you can even select whether you want your handset to vibrate or not.

IFTTT Recipe: Turn ringtone back up when I leave work connects android-location to android-device

You want to make sure your phone doesn’t stay muted when you leave work. With this recipe, whenever you leave work or any given area, your ringtone will be unmuted. You can customize it to have it at any volume you’d like.

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically set your latest Instagram as your wallpaper connects instagram to android-device

If you’re one who consistently changes wallpapers, this recipe will fulfill your wallpaper-changing itch. Whenever you upload a picture to your Instagram account, that picture becomes your wallpaper.

IFTTT Recipe: Sorry, I don't do voicemail (missed calls get an SMS) connects android-phone-call to android-sms

For every person who has voicemail set up, there are at least 10 people who don’t. Fabricated statistics aside, not everyone sets up their voicemail. This recipe almost justifies that by sending text messages to callers whenever you miss their calls. You can customize the message to your liking, though you might want to throw in a sorry.

IFTTT Recipe: Track my minutes! connects android-phone-call to google-drive

For those who don’t have unlimited minutes as part of their smartphone plan, might we recommend this handy recipe. Whenever you place or receive a phone call, it is logged as a Google Drive spreadsheet that allows you to keep track of minutes you spend a month.

IFTTT Recipe: When #Facebook profile picture changes, update #Twitter profile picture connects facebook to twitter

Want to update your Facebook profile picture without having to go to Twitter to do the same thing? This recipe will let you do just that, though there is no option to have it work in the other direction. 

IFTTT Recipe: Add your Foursquare checkin history to your Google Calendar connects foursquare to google-calendar

If you ever wondered where it was that you went to two weeks ago, this recipe eliminates the guesswork. Any time you check-in on Foursquare, it adds an event in Google Calendar. If you tend to go many places, this is an awesome recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Text to escape connects sms to phone-call

Want to get away from your company because they might be acting obnoxious? This recipe lets you send IFTTT a test message with #helpme (or any hashtag of your choosing) and IFTTT will call you with a customizable message. If you simply can’t stand the person/people you’re with and want to get away as soon as possible, here’s your escape.

IFTTT Recipe: Add a random #Wikipedia article to #Feedly every day to increase my knowledge connects date-time to feedly

While schools will tell you not to use Wikipedia as a source, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two from the free encyclopedia. This recipe will add a random Wikipedia article to Feedly every day in order for you to get some knowledge. Of course, since it really means random, keep in mind there are plenty of NSFW entries.

IFTTT Recipe: Send me a joke when it rains so I won't be depressed. connects weather to sms

Not everyone gets happy when it rains. In fact, not everyone gets happy when it’s sunny! This recipe turns that frown upside down by sending you a joke whenever your local weather condition changes into a specified condition. For example, if it begins to rain, you get a joke. If it turns sunny, you can get a joke. Even if conditions turn apocalyptic, that joke will be waiting for you.

We’ll add more Android IFTTT recipes as we try them. Comment with your suggestions

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