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AccuWeather’s Android app now gives you the ability to see the future

accuweather android update oombrella  unforgettable smart umbrella
AccuWeather wants to make making decisions based on the weather a lot easier. The company today released a fairly large update to its Android app that includes a number of great new features aimed at those who like to stay on top of the weather at all times.

The new app also includes things like Dark Theme, which, as the name suggests, offers a darker looking user interface that will be a bit easier on the eyes. It can be set to automatic or manual — manual means you have to switch it on yourself, and automatic means that Dark Theme will automatically switch on at night.

On top of the Dark Theme, the app also includes ‘Future Radar,’ which gives users the ability to see precipitation radar forecasts up to two hours in advance. That may not seem like a lot, but it should help plan out your day and decide whether or not you need to take an umbrella.

If you need more info about the weather, AccuWeather has also added a few more graphs to the interface of the app, such as in the Hourly and the Daily screens. Graphs include temperature and precipitation, so they should help you prepare for all weather situations.

Apart from these new features, the app also includes a number of bug fixes and some smaller updates, such as support for the Samsung Galaxy Edge panel, the ability to pull down to refresh, and advanced settings. One of the great things about AccuWeather is that it offers the same features for both the free version and the paid version — the only difference is that the paid version doesn’t have any ads.

You can download AccuWeather for yourself from the Google Play Store. And as mentioned, there is both a free version and a paid version.

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