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Acer to hold April event, could reveal new smartphones, or first wearable device

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Acer has sent out invitations to an event in New York on April 29, where it will be revealing its 2014 range of hardware. Sadly, it doesn’t offer any clues whether this will be phones, computers, tablets, or something brand new. However, the “Touch More Connected,” tagline does make us wonder if it could be for the introduction of its rumored wearable products.

The company has previously confirmed it’s working on a wearable device, but it uses the word Touch to advertise everything from its desktop computers to its smartphones. It’s the addition of the word More which leads us to think we could be introduced to a new device which complements its existing range. An Acer executive said the firm was showing off prototypes during CES in January, but subsequent rumors have placed the official launch in the latter half of 2014.

Acer hasn’t said the wearable product will be a smartwatch. The president of Acer’s smartphone group said last year it was still looking for the “right solution that has consumer appeal,” but did add the device would most likely feature wireless charging. Acer isn’t listed as a Google partner on the official Android Wear developer page, so it’s unclear whether any wearable device it launches will use the new software.

Why do we think Acer’s press event could be for something big? The company isn’t known for holding events like this, plus it’s going to be the first such get-together introduced by new CEO Jason Chen, who presumably will want his inaugural showing to be one of note. While it’s not certain the event will be for wearables or smartphones, if it is, the New York setting could be important. Acer doesn’t sell its phones in America at the moment, and therefore could be about to announce their impending availability.

Acer’s invitation says the event will take place between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so lets hope it does have something interesting to show us, to justify that being four-times longer than the average press conference. We’ll bring you all the news on the day.

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