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The Alcatel Onyx smartphone has a dual-sensor camera and costs just $120

Alcatel has been launching affordable phones with decent specs for some time now — and now the company is back with another. Alcatel has announced that the Alcatel Onyx smartphone will be available on Cricket Wireless for $120.

The phone may be cheap, but it has a lot going for it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Alcatel Onyx on Cricket Wireless.

Design and display

The first thing to note about the Alcatel Onyx is its design — while it’s a bit generic, it’s not ugly. On the front of the device, you’ll find a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1,440 x 720. On the right side, you’ll get a volume rocker and power button, while on the back there’s a dual-sensor camera and an LED flash. Unfortunately, the device has a MicroUSB port on the bottom — not the more modern USB-C port.

Specs and camera

Under the hood, the new phone isn’t bad at all. The device features a MediaTek MT6739WW processor, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Thankfully, if you want more storage, it’s pretty easy to get it — the device comes with a MicroSD card slot. The battery on the device comes in at 3,000mAh, which isn’t bad ,and Alcatel says will give the phone up to 7.5 hours of talk time on 4G.

The camera is a dual-sensor camera, though don’t expect to get shots similar to the likes of the iPhone XS. The sensors themselves come in at 13 megapixels and 2 megapixels, and they’re capable of capturing video at up to 1,080p. The front-facing camera on the device comes in at 5 megapixels.

When it comes to software, the phone features Android 8.1 Oreo. We would have liked to see the device offer the newer Android 9.0 Pie, but Oreo is still a great operating system and should be fine for most users.

Price and availability

The Alcatel Onyx is now available exclusively from Cricket Wireless, where you can get it for just $120. That’s not such a bad price for a device like this — though of course, if you can stretch your budget, there are better phones out there.

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