Today is the day to buy that SD card: Amazon heavily discounts MicroSD and SD prices

amazon microsd card deal march samsungsdcard
Amazon selling Samsung MicroSD cards at a discount Photo via

Amazon’s “Deal of the Day,” through which the online retailer peddles everything from toesocks to stuffed animals, is especially worthwhile today due to big discounts on Samsung MicroSD and SD cards. Spotted by Phandroid, the deal cuts the price of Samsung’s storage chips by as much as 65 percent.

The offer covers 11 MicroSD and SDHC card variants, with storage space going from 16GB to 64GB. larger SDHC cards are commonly used for digital cameras and camcorders. Nowadays, most regular-sized SD cards are of the secure digital high capacity (SDHC) variety because standard SD cards max out at 2GB. SDHC cards have at least 4GB of memory. 

Most of the deals have significant price drops. However, some deals are still better than others. Gold Box deals tend to go fast so these are good buys if they’re still around. Some of the prices have changed since this morning so we’ve weeded out the lower discounts. The best deals out of the lot are listed below:

MicroSD cards:

  • 16GB Plus MicroSD: $10 (from $22)
  • 32GB Plus MicroSD: $18 (from $43)
  • 16GB Pro MicroSD – $15 (from $45)
  • 32GB Pro  MicroSD – $34 (from $65)

SD cards:

  • 16GB Plus SDHC -$9 (from $22)
  • 32GB Plus SDHC – $17 (from $43)
  • 16GB Pro SDHC – $15 (from $70)

There are also deals on 64GB MicroSD cards, which are going for $50 now. The main difference between the Plus and Pro variants is the transfer speed. With MicroSD cards, Plus is at 48MB per second while Pro is at 70MB per second. With regular SD cards, Plus is at 48MB per second while Pro is at 80MB per second.

If you’re in need of storage space and looking for a bargain, head on over to Amazon’s deal page here.