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Christian Brazil Bautista

Christian Brazil Bautista

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Christian Brazil Bautista is an experienced journalist who has been writing about technology and music for the past decade. He is a recent New York transplant from Manila, Philippines and spends most of his days playing video games on the subway and having arguments about punk records over Skype. He hopes to one day understand why people go to Whole Foods. You can reach him at @cbrazilbautista on Twitter and on Facebook.

5 ways Sprint can move on

Sprint pulls a T-Mobile with free international data and text in 15 countries

Sprint has launched International Value Roaming, a new program that provides subscribers with unlimited text and data in Latin America, Europe and Asia.
apple watch sold online only at launch edition

Apple Watch preorders are selling on eBay for as much as $13,499

Apple’s new smartwatch is turning out to be a good source of dough for shady eBay scalpers.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge home

Samsung says there might not be enough Galaxy S6 Edge phones for everyone

Samsung revealed it expects a shortage of Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones as it grapples with manufacturing issues due to the curved display.
Apple watch edition

Sorry, Apple fans! The Apple Watch will be sold exclusively online at launch

The Apple Watch will be available for previews and preorders tomorrow, but you'll have to buy it online, as the Apple store isn't taking orders.
uk popcorn time block tablet

Grab your popcorn: Netflix-style torrent app Popcorn Time is now on iOS

Popcorn Time, the controversial Netflix-style streaming service, has just come out with an app for non-jailbroken iOS devices.
Android Lollipop Usage

Android Lollipop is only on 5.4 percent of devices, and Kitkat is still the most popular

Five months since Google started rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop, only 5.4 percent of Android devices have been updated to the new OS.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung projects 30-percent dip in profits, may recover with Galaxy S6 release

Samsung is predicting a 30-percent drop in profits for the first quarter of this year, but that may change with the Galaxy S6's success.

911 went out in Colorado, and the FCC ain’t happy about it


Report: Comcast getting support from beneficiaries for TWC merger

woman serves divorce papers on facebook messenger

Can’t find your ex? Just divorce him over Facebook, a NYC judge rules

Ellanora Baidoo was given approval to start dissolving her marriage on Facebook because her absentee husband refused to receive divorce documents in person.
gen con leave indiana over anti lgbt law version 1427441925

Indiana clarifies religious freedom bill after backlash from Gen Con and others grows

Gen Con, one of the largest gaming conventions in the country, is threatening to pull out of Indiana over a recently-passed anti-LGBT law.
Samsung Galaxy S6

Robbers hope to haul in Samsung Galaxy S6 units, but get stuck with lousy components

Robbers targeted a truck that was on its way to a Samsung factory in India, in hopes of finding Samsung Galaxy S6 units.
some chinese websites to be banned in firefox chrome browsers after security breach chinainternetsecurity

Google, Mozilla blacklists China’s web registrar over breach

Google and Mozilla have announced that they will blacklist digital certificates from the China Internet Network Information Center, the country’s main ISP.
nc change lgbt hb2 bathroom bill

Tech companies condemn religious freedom legislation in Indiana and Arkansas

A group led by executives from Twitter, Airbnb, Tumblr, and LinkedIn called for legal protection for gays and lesbians under civil rights laws.
kentucky hospital subjected to ransomware hacker keyboard

Obama signs order to impose sanctions on foreign hackers

Facebook Smart Phone App

Facebook is tracking you all the time, new study claims

According to a new report, Facebook tracks your online activity, even if you're not a user of the world's biggest social network.
Ericsson HQ

Ericsson bid to ban iPhone sales moves ahead with ITC probe

The International Trade Commission has agreed to look into Ericsson’s claim that Apple infringed on its LTE technology patent.
usa freedom act passes in senate with 67 32 vote nsa computers heartbleed bug

The NSA almost ended phone spying before Snowden leaks

The NSA was considering shutting down its clandestine call data collection program months before Edward Snowden leaked classified information in 2013.
NSA floor seal

One dead in fatal shooting at NSA headquarters

A fatal shooting has occurred at the gates of the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland, leaving one person dead and two others injured.
iPad air front safari

Safari users suit against Google moves forward in UK courts

A group of Internet privacy activists claim that Google bypassed their privacy settings in Safari with cookies that tracked their Internet usage.
fcc and isps battle over data collection tom wheeler

Two lawsuits are challenging the FCC’s new net neutrality rules

Tim Cook: Apple CEO

Fortune names Apple’s Tim Cook the ‘World’s Greatest Leader’

Fortune Magazine named Tim Cook the “World Greatest Leader,” catapulting the Apple chief executive to the top over heads of states and religious leaders.
usa freedom act passes in senate with 67 32 vote nsa computers heartbleed bug

Tech giants demand end to NSA spying, as Patriot Act is set to expire

In a letter addressed to the President, a coalition made up of privacy advocates, technology firms, and trade companies asked to end NSA data collection.
HTC Desire Eye

HTC One E9 shows off its glossy plastic design on Twitter

FCC Tom Wheeler Net Neutrality

Congress urged to defund FCC’s net neutrality rules

Commissioner Ajit Pai, one of the Republican’s representatives in the FCC, asked the House to defund the agency's efforts to enforce Net neutrality.
Apple Watch

Apple retail employees to be trained to give fashion advice for Apple Watch launch

The responsibilities of Apple retail employees will morph as soon as next month and will resemble the duties of sales personnel in luxury stores like Rolex.
Obama Reddit AMA question conspiracy

Obama forms council to bring faster broadband Internet to more people

President Obama's Broadband Opportunity Council will focus on increasing broadband adoption and stimulating competition between providers.
Apple Watch

Apple reportedly cuts Apple Watch order due to display issues

Apple reportedly reduced its order for the Apple Watch from a range of 2.5 million to 3 million to a revised target of 1.25 million to 1.5 million.
can controversial calorie counter healbe gobe work were about to find out top

Doubts and delays fail to drown interest in controversial GoBe calorie counter

worlds tallest waterside faces delays verruckt

Update: World’s tallest waterslide opens July 10, now safe for human riders

miniature guitar turns ipad music teacher recording studio jamstik

This miniature guitar turns your iPad into a music teacher and a recording studio

The Jamstik gained a lot of fans when it first surfaced on Indiegogo. The gadget reappeared at CE Week just a month before it ships to early buyers.

Clone app that steals usernames spotted in Google Play Store

firechat downloads spike iraq censors block facebook twitter screen shot 2014 06 25 at 7 09 49 pm

FireChat downloads spike in Iraq after censors block Facebook, Twitter

eu cuts roaming rates half may eliminate charges altogether smartphone 4 1000x667

Europe cuts roaming rates in half, may eliminate charges altogether