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Apple retail employees to be trained to give fashion advice for Apple Watch launch

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The job description of Apple retail employees will soon change. Aside from educating customers on the intricacies of using iCloud, Apple personnel will also have to mutate into style gurus, which is a tall order for people who wear plain blue shirts to work everyday. The change is related to the upcoming release of the Apple Watch.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, the responsibilities of Apple retail employees will morph as early as next month, and will resemble the duties of sales personnel in luxury stores like Rolex. The article, which named “employees briefed on the plans” as its source, claims that Apple personnel will undergo training for new sales techniques over the next two weeks. The program will teach employees how to give advice on watch and strap choices, as well as giving assistance with gifts and iPhone upgrades.

For the training program, Apple has created two “samples personas.” The first one, a girl named Susana who hasn’t worn a watch in a long time, has budget constraints but can be convinced to splurge. The second one, a trendy guy named Lee, is looking for something that will look good while he works out or hangs out with friends. To lure in these fictional customers, Apple is telling employees to “build relationships with customers to understand their purchase plans, stylistic wants, and fashion needs.”

Apple has stopped short of providing an actual script that workers can repeat again and again. However, it has provided talking points. For example, Apple retail personnel have been instructed to make comments such as, “You seem to have a fun style. I think the pink Sport band would match your style perfectly.” They have also been told to explain how other customers chose their Apple Watch, and to present choices outside of a person’s price range just in case there’s a chance to upsell.

The big day for Apple employees (and the customers who have been waiting for the Apple Watch) is April 10. On that day, people will be able to try on the Apple Watch for 15 minutes. The actual release date for the device is two weeks later, on April 24.

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