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OnePlus Pad held in hand.

The OnePlus Pad looks incredible — except for one peculiar thing

OnePlus just launched its very first tablet, the OnePlus Pad. It has a great, premium design, aside from that camera placement.
Apple AirTag lifestyle image.

Apple and Google are teaming up to make tracking devices less creepy

Apple and Google have teamed up to develop a universal detection and alert tech for tracking devices like AirTags that works uniformly across Android and iOS.
The Moto G Stylus 2023, standing upright on a couch, with its display turned on.

If you like cheap phones, you’ll love these 2 new Moto G options

Motorola has revealed two new versions of the Moto G and Moto G Stylus, and while not direct upgrades, these two remixes of classics are budget phones to watch.
The Google Pixel 6a laying on top of the Google Pixel 6.

Google might kill its best Pixel smartphone next year

Google makes a lot of excellent devices. Unfortunately, one Pixel smartphone lineup may be sunset next year in favor of something new.
Vivo X90 Pro back.

I found a phone that fixes the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s biggest flaw

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is an incredible smartphone with one fatal flaw. Thankfully, I found a new phone that completely fixes it.
The DynamicSpot Dynamic Island at the top of the Pixel 7 Pro.

How to add the iPhone’s Dynamic Island to your Android phone

The Dynamic Island is Apple's hot addition to the iPhone 14 Pro, but it's been copied by apps. Here's how to add Apple's Dynamic Island to your Android phone.
OnePlus Pad on a concrete bench

OnePlus Pad review: OnePlus boldly goes where it never went before

OnePlus is finally entering the tablet market with the new OnePlus Pad. How does it hold up against the competition, especially the iPad? Let's find out.
Tab C Ultra by Onyx

This new Android tablet has an e-ink screen that destroys the Kindle

What happens when you combine an Android tablet with a colorful e-ink screen? You get the new Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C. Here's a first look at it.
The Google Pixel 7 Pro standing up.

I wish I never bought my Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is bringing my years-long love affair with the Pixel line to a shuddering halt, and Google needs to act quickly to fix it.
best parental control apps

The best parental control apps for iPhone and Android

Many kids have smartphones these days, and that can make parenting tricky. Check out the best parental control apps to monitor smartphone and app activity.
Google Pixel Fold concept image.

Massive Pixel Fold leak reveals every tiny detail about the phone

The Pixel Fold is nearly here, but it seems like we may know everything we need to about the foldable thanks to a major leak.
Alleged renders of the Google Pixel Fold in black.

If this Pixel Fold rumor is true, I might actually buy one

We'll be seeing the Google Pixel Fold soon, and if this one rumor is true, it could be the first foldable I actually buy.
The Google Pixel Table and the Speaker Dock seen from the back.

The Pixel Tablet’s killer accessory may have an eye-watering price

The Pixel Tablet seems to be on the near horizon, but new information suggests that buyers will need to pay even more if they want to get the most out of it.
iPhone 14 Pro Max surrounded by other flagship phones.

The 9 biggest phones we’re still expecting in 2023: iPhone 15, Pixel 8, and more

We've had a few major smartphone releases already this year, but there's still a lot to come. Here are the nine biggest flagship phones on the way in 2023.
Alleged dummy model of the Google Pixel Fold.

The Pixel Fold is set to launch in May … with a bad surprise

Google's upcoming I/O developers will likely witness the launch of its first foldable, but it appears that the Pixel Fold won't exactly be easy on the wallet.
Someone holding the Google Pixel 7a.

It looks like the Pixel 7a will be more expensive than we hoped

The Pixel 7a is shaping up to be one of the year's best smartphone deals ... but now the price is rumored to go up.
The screens on the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Your next Samsung phone might ditch Google Search for Bing

Bing Chat is one of the best AI chatbots in 2023. It's so good, in fact, that Samsung might replace Google Search with it on future Galaxy phones.
Pixel phone with five icon at the bottom of the display.

How to restore deleted text messages on Android

It's all too easy to accidentally delete a message you weren't intending to delete. Here are a number of ways to restore deleted text messages in Android.
Screenshots of Android 14, showing the new back gesture button and share pop-up.

The first Android 14 beta just landed — here’s everything that’s new

The public beta of Android 14 is here. It makes the back gesture more visibly conspicuous, adds a screenshot detection tool, and eyes large screen devices.
A house containing Jaegar's family basement

Where to find Jaegar’s family basement in Fortnite

Attack on Titan has come to Fortnite, and if you want to get the new Eren Jaegar skin, you'll need to complete the quest to find his family's basement.
Honor Magic 5 Pro in hand.

Honor Magic 5 Pro review: a touch away from greatness

The Honor Magic 5 Pro is a stellar smartphone on paper. It packs a flagship processor, big battery, and 50MP cameras. But is it all worth it?
New characters from Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2.

How to place chicken crossing signs in Fortnite

You can place these signs at two places on the map to help out your chicken pals.
Xiaomi 13 Pro camera lens in black and white

How one of the year’s best Android phones made me a better photographer

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is a fantastic all-around smartphone. But there's one camera feature that has me absolutely hooked.
Rebtel Calling

How to find your phone number on iPhone or Android

Ever forget your own mobile phone number? We walk you through the steps of finding your phone number on an iPhone and an Android smartphone.
Sim chip on fingertip with phone in the background.

How to unlock a phone on every carrier in 2023

Want to break your smartphone out of carrier jail? Here's a guide on how to unlock your phone so you can change carriers or use it while traveling abroad.
Screenshots of Bing Chat running through the SwiftKey keyboard on Android.

Bing’s AI chatbot is now on your Android phone’s keyboard — here’s how to get it

Bing Chat has been integrated into a popular Android keyboard, giving users the ability to use the ChatGPT rival in just a few seconds.
Render of the Motorola Moto G Power 5G in a white color against a light purple background.

Moto G Power 5G adds a flagship feature to a budget phone

Motorola's Moto G Power range has long been known for its long battery life, but now Motorola is introducing a new feature — and it comes from flagship phones.
The Google Pixel Table and the Speaker Dock seen from the back.

The Google Pixel Tablet just took a big step closer to release

A new piece of information suggests that the Pixel Tablet is finally launching sooner rather than later.
google phone app call spam nexus android one feat

How to stop spam calls on iPhone and Android phones

Getting annoyed by telemarketers and other spam calls on your mobile phone? Here's how to put a stop to that.

How to transfer files from Android to your PC

Knowing how to transfer files from your Android device to a Windows PC, MacBook, or Chromebook can save you a lot of hassle. Here's how to do it.
Galaxy Tab S9+ leaked images

Here’s our very first look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

The first renders of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus have landed. Here's your first look at what's changed (and what's stayed the same).
Android logo on a smartphone.

Ranking all 19 versions of Android, from worst to best

Which is the best, or most important version of Google's Android software, and which is the worst? We rank them from 1.0 onwards to answer the question.
iPhone showing a spam text with the Report Junk option.

How to stop spam texts on iPhone and Android phones

Are you overwhelmed by text messaging spam? Here's how to deal with spam texts on both iPhone and Android.
The Google Pixel Watch and the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro.

This smartwatch proves just how bad the Pixel Watch’s software really is

Xiaomi has used its own, new software for the Watch S1 Pro, and it turns out Google could learn plenty from it. In several ways, it's better than Wear OS.