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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Apple iPhone 14 Pro

I love the Galaxy S23 — here are 5 things the iPhone still does better

The Galaxy S23 is one of this year's best Android phones, and I love using it. But there are a few things the iPhone is still so much better at.
Fortnite characters in a city.

You can still get a Thunder Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. Here’s how

The Thunder Shotgun was technically vaulted in Fortnite Season 2, but Epic potentially overlooked this weapon drop.
Google Pixel 8 in depicted in white.

The Pixel 8 just leaked, and it has one big thing I can’t wait for

Google's Pixel 8 has surfaced online in the form of leaked renders, but more than its curvier profile, what truly captures the attention is the shrunken size.
Google Pixel Watch on a wrist.

5 things we’d love to see at Google I/O 2023 (but probably won’t)

Google I/O 2023 is almost here, and we have a good idea of what Google will show us. But there are a few products we'd love to see ... but probably won't.
google maps

How to drop a pin in Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool to help you find your way around. We'll show you how to drop a pin at your preferred destination so you'll never get lost again.
Alleged dummy model of the Google Pixel Fold.

The Google Pixel Fold may launch a lot sooner than you expected

Google was previously said to be eyeing a late 2023 release for the Pixel Fold, but it seems the company's first foldable is a lot closer to market launch.
google assistant mobile.

Bixby vs. Google Assistant: Which AI is better for you?

There are a number of digital assistants to pick from, including Samsung's Bixby and Google's Assistant. Which is better? We found out.
Leaked render of the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

First Google Pixel 8 Pro renders reveal some surprising changes

The first renders of the Google Pixel 8 Pro are here. The phone looks stunning and appears to have some unexpected changes, too.
pixel 4 xl rear sticking out

I’ve used Android phones for 10 years, and I hate these ones the most

After 10 years of using Android phones, a select few have the dubious honor of making it on my most-hated list, and its time to talk about them.
Two Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

Your Pixel 7 is about to get a whole lot less buggy — here’s why

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have seen their fair share of bugs since launch. A new Android 13 update aims to remedy things — a lot.
Apple iPhone SE (2020) being plugged in to charge.

The one thing the iPhone 14, Galaxy S23, and Pixel 7 all get wrong

The latest phones from Apple, Samsung, and Google are excellent for so many reasons. But there's one crucial thing they all suffer from, too.
Holding the Galaxy Tab S8 in hand and showing multiple apps running simultaneously.

How to use Split Screen View on any Samsung tablet model

Ever wish you could look at two apps side by side on your Samsung Galaxy Tab? Here's how to use Split Screen View on a Samsung tablet.
The iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island showing the timer and music playing.

Will my phone automatically change for daylight saving time?

November 6, 2022, marks the end of daylight saving time, and most smartphone clocks will spring ahead one hour automatically. Here's how to do it, just in case.
A man uses a smartphone on the street.

The best voice-recording apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

Voice-recording apps are a lot more advanced these days. If you are looking for a powerful audio-recording app, here are some of your best options.
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra next to the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

I did a Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Pixel 7 Pro camera test — and it’s not even close

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro have two of the most powerful smartphone camera systems around. But which one is the best? We found out.
Temu logo on an iPhone.

What is the Temu app? Here’s everything you need to know

Temu is a new online marketplace, but many people are skeptical about its place in the online shopping ecosystem. Here's what you need to know about it.
Samsung Galaxy S23 held in hand against green floral backdrop

Samsung Galaxy S23 review: the Android phone for everyone

The Samsung Galaxy S23 may be the base model of the S23 lineup, but there's a lot to love here. We break everything down in our full review!
The Android 14 logo.

A new Android 14 update is here — but you still shouldn’t download it

The second Android 14 developer preview has been released, ready for developers to fine-tune their apps for the next version of the operating system.
Two Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

Your Google One plan just got 2 big security updates to keep you safe online

If you subscribe to Google One, you're getting two helpful security features to keep you safe on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
Sonos TruePlay settings.

The Sonos Era speakers solve a major problem for Android users

The Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 speakers are the first to employ Trueplay customization on the speakers themselves and no longer require the use of a smartphone.

Google I/O 2023 is happening on May 10 with an in-person event

It's official! Google I/O 2023 is taking place on May 10 with an in-person event. Here's what we know so far.
Individual volume control sliders on a Samsung Galaxy S23

Android does this one thing so much better than iOS, and it drives me crazy

Let's face it — Apple is far from perfect, but it's absolutely ridiculous how bad volume controls on iOS are compared to Android.
The Google Pixel Watch's Pilot Bold watch face.

Have a Pixel Watch? You need to stop using one of its most important features

Multiple user reports claim that one of the Pixel Watch's biggest features has been rendered unreliable.
Android Auto in a car.

Android Auto just got a much-requested new feature

Android Auto has finally gotten a long-requested feature that brings another layer of customization to the in-car experience.
The Google Pixel Watch's crown.

You paid too much money for your Pixel Watch — and Google knows it

A new report shows just how much money Google is making from each Pixel Watch sale and, as it turns out, it's a lot.
An iPhone with apps from Black developers downloaded on it.

Our 5 favorite iPhone and Android apps by Black developers

As Black History Month comes to a close, here are five of some of the most thought-provoking apps made by Black developers in the U.S.
Samsung Galaxy S23 fingerprint sensor lock screen

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S23

Got a new Samsung Galaxy S23 but need to figure out how to take screenshots? Here are five ways to do it!
The Pixel Watch on a person's wrist.

The Pixel Watch just got an important safety feature it’s been missing for months

The Pixel Watch has gained an important safety feature. Fall Detection has been added, so the smartwatch knows if you have a bad fall and can call for help.
The Oppo Find N2's open screen.

It’s finally happening — OnePlus will release a folding phone this year

OnePlus has finally announced that it will be launching a foldable smartphone. But don't expect it until sometime in the second half of 2023.
Someone holding the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Don’t watch this YouTube video if you have a Pixel 7

Steer clear of watching this YouTube video if you've got a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro; it seems to be giving all device users a very unusual issue.
The Honor Magic5 Pro in Meadow Green.

The new Honor Magic 5 Pro smartphone has a truly unusual design

Honor launched the Honor Magic 5 Pro phone at MWC 2023, with its unusual design and exciting camera. This is what you need to know about it.
Samsung Galaxy S23 showing Google Photos

Google just announced 9 new features for your Android phone and watch

During MWC 2023, Google just announced a slew of new features coming to Android phones and tablets starting today and later in the year.
Samsung Galaxy S23 and Google Pixel 7.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. Google Pixel 7: there’s a clear winner

Samsung's Galaxy S23 faces off against the Google Pixel 7. Which Android phone is the better small flagship for your wallet and pocket? Let's find out.
Playing a game on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The best Android games in 2023: 30-plus must-play games we love

The Google Play Store is loaded with some terrific titles — and some terrible ones. We've vetted all the options to bring you the best Android games around.