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A big change might be coming soon for Apple Card users

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything official regarding the Apple Card Savings Account that was announced late last year, but a recent leak seems to suggest that the service will be making its debut soon.

Spotted by Twitter user aaronp613, pieces of Apple’s backend code say that the Apple Card Savings Account may be going live next week, on April 17. If that’s the case, then Apple Card holders will be getting a large update that will greatly improve the user experience.

Apple Card Savings.

It seems like a pretty safe bet that we will be seeing the service launch next week when looking at Apple’s history with its other financial features. Last month, when Apple Pay Later made its debut, references to it were explicitly made in the days leading up to the launch in Apple’s backend, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if and when the Apple Card Savings Account starts popping up on Monday.

This is a pretty exciting piece of information for anyone who’s been waiting with bated breath for the launch of the Apple Card Savings Account, as it’ll add a lot to Apple’s current financial offerings by giving users a way to store unused Daily Cash and transfer it into other accounts. Apple’s finance offerings have been getting steadily better, and the Apple Card Savings Account will only increase their value.

Because we haven’t heard anything official from Apple regarding the new feature, it’s unclear if users will need to opt into it or if it’ll go live for all Apple Card holders at once. Aaronp613 says that the “code suggests it might work with 16.3+,” meaning that Apple Card owners may need to have an iPhone that supports iOS 16.3 or later. Luckily, iOS 16 is supported by a large number of iPhones, but there’s no official confirmation on if the OS is required, so it may not be an issue once Apple finally gives an official update.

While the Apple Card Savings Account will only be available in the U.S. when it launches, aaronp613 also says that the backend code suggests that “customized Chinese Apple Pay transit cards may go live on April 18.” It would seem like next week is a big one for many people who have been expectantly waiting for follow-ups on previously announced Apple finance options in both the U.S. and China.

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